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Explore Rotterdam & The Hague and plan, book and pay in your own language with your preferred payment method.

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Travel comfort via one app in your own language

In the Tranzer App you can buy tickets for public transport or easily book a scooter or bike. All the options for your journey from A to B, fair and clearly on your phone in your own language (NL/DU/EN/IT).  You only have to choose the fastest, cheapest, most comfortable or the option with the lowest impact on the environment. Select your preferred payment method (Ideal, Bancontact, Credit Card, Fuelcard) and enjoy the ride!

Explore Rotterdam and The Hague as a local!

Plan, book and pay in your own language and combine public transport, shared bikes and scooters in one app.

Clueless how to travel from Rotterdam to the beach?

  • Set your language (NL/DU/EN/IT))
  • Use the app to park your car at one of the 250 parking locations
  • Compare all types of transportation
  • Plan and book the tram, train, metro, bus, shared bike or scooter
  • Combine different types of transport 
  • Choose from different payment options

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